Specialties: All Types of Camerawork from Hand Held, Peds, Personality Cam, to Super Slo

• Panasonic P2 Range: Panasonic AG-HPX3100/3000/2100
• Sony HDXDCAM Sony PDW-500/700/F800, PMW-EX3, PMW-EX1
• Sony HDCam HDW-750P
• Digi Beta: Sony DVW 790 WSP, Sony DVW 700 WSP
• Beta SP: Sony BVW400AP, Sony BVW300, Sony BVW507
• Beta SX: Sony DNW-90WS
• DVCam: Sony DSR570, Sony DSR450,
• XD Cam: Sony PDW-530
• HDSLR: Cannon 7D &5D MkII
• Polecam: Iconix HD-RH1, Toshiba IK-HD


Film, TV and Video Training:

• BBC Location Camera Skills 2
• BBC Training & Development: Desktop Editing for Final Cut Pro– updating existing knowledge
• BBC Health, Safety & Security Certificate
• BSkyB, Rigging, Health & Safety Certificate
• Certificate in Media Techniques: Television and Video Competencies & Film Studies
• Trained in use of Pole cam, RED One and HDSLR